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Strategic Security Doctorate

Earning a Doctorate of Strategic Security will help you continue to excel.

The Doctorate in Strategic Security is a global security program for governmental, law enforcement, military and corporate leaders, and Chief Security Officers (CSOs) who are responsible for personnel, resources, and operations in the inter-disciplinary strategic security profession.

Why choose Henley-Putnam?

We offer a highly focused, top-quality education designed for an experienced Government or Private expert looking to expand your team leadership or management role.

  • 100% online
  • 4.5 quarter units per course
  • Community of learners
  • University support from Enrollment through Graduation
  • Online library and other student services including financial aid


Flexibility to fit your schedule.

  • 100% online, accredited, courses available 24/7, quarterly starts – allow for individual study plans, TDYs, deployments, and PCS moves.

World-class faculty.

  • Taught by experts who share real-world knowledge of field operations, as well as, the most current tactical insights.
  • Faculty includes leaders who have served in high-ranking roles in Government and Private organizations.
  • Instructors are committed to providing the type of guidance and accessibility not found in the traditional classroom.

Study with peers.

  • By advancing the understanding and skills of security professionals, we’re helping to shape a safer world.